The bill proposed by the Georgia state house of representatives that would slap a misdemeanor on drivers who ride slow in the fast lane has been reinvigorated and will once again try and make it through the state senate to become law.

Rep. Mark Butler got the bill through Georgia's house with a vote of 129-29 back in 2010, but that was the last we heard anything about it. Now Rep. Bill Hitchens, former head of the Georgia highway patrol, has sponsored a similar bill known as "House Bill 459" which won even more approval with a 162-9 vote today.


Hitchens acknowledges that the law would be difficult to enforce, but hopes it would act as an educational tool to improve road manners in his state he told The Augusta Chronicle.

Let's hope this gets more headway in the senate this time around, and starts spreading to the rest of the nation shortly after.

Hat tip to Tony Taylor!

Image: Dougtone/Flickr

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