Chrysler Rep Confirms SRT Durango At Chicago Auto Show

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The best part about Chrysler's Chicago Auto Show "demo ride" was how nice the inside of a current Durango is. We got to spend a few minutes pushing the buttons and feeling the surfaces, during which the Chrysler rep at the wheel confirmed a Durango SRT is in the works.


Granted, when I asked about a timeline he replied "I have no idea, they've been talking about it for two years."

So, not the most encouraging news... but if we're real lucky Chrysler will be batty enough to add another hi-po SUV to its lineup while this body style is still going. I love the way the current Durango looks and I think we all want to see Ron Burgundy burning rubber to a panda birth in a monster people mover.


Video: Brian Williams

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I am just waiting for a SRT Wrangler...