Jeremy Clarkson Twitter-Gloats Over Piers Morgan's Cancellation

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Saddening exactly no one in America, lumpy, grumpy British guy Piers Morgan will soon be losing his primetime CNN show over awful ratings. While he won't be missed by many in this country, few people were happier about this news than Top Gear host and perpetual Morgan enemy Jeremy Clarkson.


See, Morgan and Clarkson have been feuding in real life and on Twitter for years now. Clarkson even once punched Morgan in the face. And last year, they got into a spat in which Morgan said Top Gear's ratings were "disintegrating" and the show would soon be axed.

Well, la-di-fucking-da, wouldn't you know that exact thing just happened to Morgan, who managed to piss off literally everyone in America from gun owners to trans people, and that's quite an impressive feat when you stop to think about it.

David Carr of the New York Times said Morgan was just too British to make it with American primetime audiences, but I would wager the real reason he never resonated here was because he was a giant asshole. The fact that he tweeted about cricket didn't help his chances though.

Anyway. Clarkson was all too happy to gloat about this on Twitter, and I certainly can't blame him.


So, Jeremy... you Brits will be taking Morgan back from us, right? Right?

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