When it comes to asshat parking jobs, there just seems to be one kind of driver who does it more than most. And people in Russia have way less patience for that shit.

Carscoops today got video of a man in the city of Astrakhan who was so mad at his neighbor for parking a BMW X6 on a playground that he set the car on fire. It was all caught on video.

And it's a long video, too. The action starts about 50 seconds in, and the car burns for more than 20 minutes before firefighters show up. That's some first-rate public service right there.


As much as I don't like seeing violence visited on any car because of it's owner's stupidity, there's something about an X6 burning that I just can't... stop... watching. I just don't feel as bad about this one as I would if it were an M3 or something.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for BMWs in Russia, for sure.