The Best Car Cut-Aways

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It's funny, but for human pornography, I don't usually seek out copies of Grey's Anatomy. And yet when it comes to cars, some of my most lurid car-porn reactions come from seeing a really good cut-away. Like that Citroën SM up there. Look at that thing. Unnngh.

There's something about a really well-executed cut-away that makes them the most seductive of car images. There's that feeling of having X-Ray vision, there's the respect for the challenge it presented the artist, there's getting to see the hidden engineering beauty revealed, and there's the ability to actually get useful information from just looking. Really, really looking.


It's telling that when Matt asked to find a good image to mark the switch to this new Kinja version, cut-aways were one of the first things I thought of.

So, fellow x-ray viewers — show me your favorite automotive cut-away! I think I'll just kill the afternoon here.

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