How To Build A Drift Car For Less Than $5,000: Weld The Diff, Yo

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Welding the diff: the mythical car ruiner/drift potential unlocker that mystifies the misinformed of the multitudinous manifestations of car culture. Well, humans, it can be done right!

It's Episode 3 of Drift Garage, and the cheap-o Nissan that got peed on ends this episode on track and very sideways. Huzzah! How do Chris "The Farts" Forsberg and Ryan "The Twerk" Tuerck get it done? Well, in the last ep they turbo'd the motor and in this one they weld the diff, install a seat and harness, tune the motor, and... uh... that's about all it takes.


Oh, and Forsberg has a damn sweet S30. My want sense is tingling.