For $9,995, Are You Sarah Connor?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The Terminator is a killing machine sent from the future to wear sunglasses and eff shit up. In contrast, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe T3 Tundra is a special edition from one of the turdier of the Terminator movies. Does its price however, still make it a killer deal?

I noted yesterday morning that the Alfa Romeo Milano's styling was an acquired taste. Unfortunately for the seller of our candidate 1988 Verde, his taste in Rhode Island Red interior accents wasn't particularly to anyone's taste. Neither was the car's price as well, and it fell in a 64% Crack Pipe loss. That's too bad because I'll bet it's a sweet car to drive… at night.


You know what else is a sweet car to drive? That's right, the Toyota Tundra truck! Yep, while looking like a truck, working like a truck, and sounding like a truck, the Tundra's reputation is that it drives like a big-'ol Camry. That's not that big a deal if you're just looking for something that can haul the occasional couch or serve your pool cleaning business while offering a modicum of comfort. If however, your whole idea of a truck is that it's a manifestation of your machismo and you want people to know that by the harshness of its ride, its noise, and the play in its wheel, well then these might not be the trucks for you.

On another point, if you are offended by hapless movie sequels that tarnish a hallowed franchise, or just bad movies in general, then perhaps this 2003 Toyota Tundra special edition might also not be your cup of T3. If on the other hand, you're okay with all that, then read on.


Offered for the Canadian market in a limited run of 200, the T3 Tundras celebrated the fact that Arnie or somebody rolled in one in the film Terminator 3. Toyota started with an Access Cab 4x4 that they then gave the full black-out treatment. Underneath that are a set of 17" alloys in silver, while the interior received unique floor mats. T3 badging adorns the grille and rear corners.


You might imagine that a truck honoring a film that was all spectacle and no substance would itself be likewise, but in the case of the T3 Tundra there's also an extra 10 horses emanating from the 4.7-litre iForce V8. That gives it 255-bhp and is claimed owed to a Borla exhaust that also makes it sound meaner than stock.

Despite the movie tie-in bits this is still just a Tundra short bed pickup and when it comes to full size trucks, well Toyota makes one. On either coast no one would bat an eye seeing you driving one, but in the Midwest or in Texas, where Tundras are currently built, I think they still might want you to drive a Chevy, Dodge or - just maybe - a Ford.


None of those however fete a film that features a hot girl Terminator or Arnie's angsty robot that can't decide whether it wants to kill or to love. You'll only get that kind truck with this Toyota, unless of course Skynet has one in the pipeline.


When new, the T3 Tundra went for a cool forty grand- I know, right? This one has come down from those dizzying heights and is presently sitting on this Austin dealer's lot with an asking of $9,995. It's relatively low-mileage, and is offered in its Craigslist ad in the first person, as though the truck itself were sentient or something. That sort of cutesy anthropomorphism is just the dealer's attempt to give personality to a machine, like anyone would ever believe that.

What do you think about this T3 Tundra and its $9,995 price? Is that an amount that should have somebody shouting action!? Or, does that price mean your interest is terminated?


You decide!


Austin Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to muthalovin for the hookup!

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