Towering Wall Of Snow Leads To Nearly 100-Car Pileup In Canada

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A terrifying wall of snow, wind, and ice tentatively being called a "snowboob" caused 96 cars to crash into each other on Highway 400 near Toronto, yet miraculously only three people were injured. Some of the cars were "nearly torn in half," according to CP24, which makes that figure all the more impressive.

Seriously, this does not look good:


And before you commenters, yes you lot, you know who you are, start making jokes about what a absolutely ridiculous name "snowboob" is, this what it looks like:

I'm just impressed that those drivers even decided to leave their houses. If I saw that, I'd probably just decide to sit home and crap my pants all day in fear.

The "snowboob" gets its name for the "haboob" whether phenomenon, which entails a giant wall of dust created by a massive squall. In this case, it's not dust, but snow, that makes up the haboob. Thus, "snowboob."


Say "snowboob" as many times as you want, it's still absolutely nuts.

Photo credit: Ontario Provincial Police

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Flavien Vidal

Ontario... You might think that because they are canadians, they are used to the snow, but no. Every time I drive there during winter I see people with all-seasons tire, struggling and sliding everywhere... Most likely the reason why this "winter tires are madatory from December to March" law that we have in Quebec, should be applied in Ontario too.