George R.R. Martin lives a more humble life than you might imagine. Parked outside his Santa Fe home, right next to his castle-shaped mailbox, is a first generation Mazda RX-7.

This news comes from Yahoo and The Telegraph, which describe Martin's rather modest lifestyle despite earning an estimated $15 million last year.

The stories discuss Martin's somewhat quirky but reasonably ordinary Santa Fe house, and they also note that his RX-7 has a personalized license plate. It reads 'GRRM.'

It's hard for me to stress how much of a brain-twister this is. I could afford that RX-7. Me, some dickhead blogger. George RR Martin wrote Game of Thrones, whereas I wrote, uh, about a Russian guy crashing into a pair of cows having sex. And yet we could both drive the same car.


(Hat tip to MeHugTree!)

Photo Credit: Google Maps