The London Grand Prix is never going to happen. I would love to be wrong about that, but it just won't. That hasn't stopped McLaren from envisioning a lap of the track aboard one of its Formula One cars, though, right past Big Ben and that silly ferris wheel the British love so much.

The idea for an F1 race on the streets of London was first floated, probably only half-seriously, back in 2012. Everyone had a great big hearty laugh and then completely shot it down, though, when an intern or somebody spoke up and said "oh hey, why would anyone want to shut down the center of London for about a week? Wouldn't that not be a great idea?"


So the London Grand Prix is pretty much dead. But! That hasn't stopped the dreamers, the believers, from trying to make it happen. You already saw what a lap of the Grand Prix circuit would look like in slow city traffic, but this is what it would look like with the full song and speed of an actual F1 car.

But it's still not gonna happen.

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