Even More Epic Video From Red Bull's Truck Race Down A Ski Trail

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The mighty self-promoting PR machine that is Red Bull whipped up a mini-documentary about their "Frozen Rush" event at the Sunday River ski resort in Maine. This one includes some more great drifting shots and conversations with the drivers about the challenges of racing below 32º.

We got our own interviews at the race with off-road drivers Bryce Menzies and Ricky Johnson, where we got to hear a little more about how nutty these high-horsepower trucks are to punt down ski runs.


Hat tip to Autoblog!

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I remember Ricky Johnson from Supercross. After Hurricane Hannah, in the 80's he dominated with 7 championships when they still raced 500cc two stroke death machines along with 250's and 125's. That fucker has balls of forged steel.

Where the heck is Pastrana?? Screwing around with Nitro Circus.....??