Call it "Modern Family" crammed into a :30-second ad: In a new commercial running while the winter Olympics go down in notoriously homophobic Russia, a bevy of interracial, adoptive and gay families are representing "the new us" โ€” and a new tagline for the Chevrolet Traverse.

Keeping gay customers in mind is nothing new for Chevy, who won praise for their "I'm Electric" Volt campaign (that was only done in Michigan for Motor City Pride) a few years back. But the commercial does come on the heels of negative reaction to Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad which featured the double-whammy of a gay couple and people singing "America, the Beautiful" in languages other than English. The horror!

Props to Chevy and GM for sticking it to the man and treating what we'd otherwise call "nontraditional" families as just everyday, traditional families.