This Is How The NFL And The Military Create A Pre-Game Flyover

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One of the best parts of a huge football game, for me at least, is the flyover in the beginning. That's mostly because I'm a sucker for anything that goes really fast and makes a lot of noise. And I'm sorry, Richard Sherman, but a plane will beat you in those departments any time.

They're not as simple as just putting a bunch of planes in the air and letting them fly around for a bit. Everything must be in exactly the right place, and since it only lasts a few seconds, the flyover must occur at exactly the right moment, down to the second. You have to fly from miles away and hit an exact point right around the time some dude or some lady hits a single note in a song.


So it's not exactly a cakewalk.

This video, originally from the NFL Network, shows how it's all put together and executed. It's a bit of a production, to use some understatement.

This year's Super Bowl flyover will actually be composed of helicopters, not planes as is the usual. The 101st Combat Aviation Brigade will be flying a mix of AH-64D Apaches, UH-60M Blackhawks, and CH-47F Chinooks right over the Meadowlands Stadium. I've heard each of these helicopters before individually, and holy hell are they loud. Since they're flying as a group, there stands a chance that no one will be able to hear Peyton Manningshout the name of his favorite Nebraska city for quite some time.


Kickoff is at 6:30. You might want to pause Top Gear just for this.

via The Aviationist

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This is so cool. I remember once the Iron Bowl got an awesome flyover with some F-4s. Good god, it was awesome.