As we've told you before, Volkswagen's Czech division Skoda is secretly their best brand. They have great-looking, interesting, affordable cars with real names that are often deployed in rallying. Now they have a new concept coming out that should look pretty good.

Not that we Americans will ever know, of course, because Skoda is one of the many amazing Volkswagen products that VAG chooses not to send our way. Because they hate us.

Anyway, this attractive sketch represents what the Skoda Vision C Concept will look like, according to CAR. It's a four-door coupe (Yes, I'm sick of saying those words too, thanks for asking) that will probably be based on the Octavia family sedan.


CAR says Skoda's plan is "to offer BMW 6-series Gran Coupe style for 2-series money," which sounds like a great plan to me. Goofy as these four-door coupes are in name, you have to admit that many of them look pretty good. Skoda's had some appealing designs lately, so this one could be a real beauty.

Expect to see it at the Geneva Motor Show in March and on sale in the U.S. never.