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Apparently there's concern over Lamborghini being a poster for unsavory behavior. Perhaps the former Harry Potter villain Tom Felton driving an Aventador isn't helping matters. But seriously, are you ever going to take a Lamborghini driver seriously?


Maybe it has something to do with the scissor doors. Ex-COO Michael Lock told Car and Driver recently he believes Lamborghini has a bad image, one that's negatively affecting sales. And sales are important to the VW Group, especially when the long-rumored Urus SUV eventually emerges. Lock said:

"If I bring home a Lamborghini, what will my wife say? Am I cheating? Lamborghinis are associated with socially illicit behavior."

Yes. And?

Lock left Lambo in December under uncertain circumstances, according to Automotive News. Regardless, there should be no question by anyone in power that Lamborghini should always be a ridiculous brand.


This is just such a VW Group thing to do. If anything we've learned watching the Super Bowl this year, it's that It's Good To Be Bad. Jaguar isn't a mainstream brand, even if it sells cars for a lot less money than Lamborghini does. And yet it's totally wrapped itself in this sinister look, and it works brilliantly. So what's wrong with being a little outside the law?


If there's one look Lamborghini can't pull off, it's being serious. The supercar arena is full of companies trying to be serious.


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