Jaguar's Evil Super Bouwl Ad Is The Moust British Thing Ever

Jaguar's ad for the Super Bouwl (Brits probably spell it with a u) is called British Villains. It couldn't be more British if it was time for evil tea and crumpets with Robin Leach, Roger Moore, Paul McCartney, The Queen, and everyone in Downtown Abbey. Or Downton Abbey. Whichever.


Jag is going for an evil image with its new cars, and the star of this ad is the F-Type Coupe, which does the deed because it sounds downright sinister. Brits make good villains since they're calculating and have accents that can sometimes make you squirm with fear when you hear them, much like how the new F-Type sounds.

Look for Dr. No to get his hands, well, metal pincer things, on an F-Type soon.


"We're more intelligent.

And that scares you."

Not really. But seriously, this isn't the most british thing ever, as tweeted, its the most 'Americanized perception of the most british thing ever.'

When will the US public get it that we're actually quite similar to you guys, just with a better grasp on the language side of things ;)