Great BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad Reminds Us The Internet Was Once Terrifying

In 1994, the internet was brand new. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel also talked about it on The Today Show and seemed so perplexed by it that their heads were going to explode. Gumbel literally says "what is internet anyway?" Now, 21 years later, the BMW i3 is the same level of confusing to the former morning show… » 1/26/15 9:28am 1/26/15 9:28am

Honda Calls Out Competitors For 'Stupid' Seven-Year Loans

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 1/21/15 10:48am 1/21/15 10:48am

From Disaster To Swagger: Chrysler's Story Of America In Three Acts

If you do it right, an advertisement can tell a story just as effectively as a book, a movie, a TV show or anything else. And for the past four years Chrysler has been selling us a story of an economic downturn, a city and a nation in crisis, and now, a big comeback. So where does it go next? » 2/04/14 3:00pm 2/04/14 3:00pm

CarMax Has An All-Puppy Version Of Their Super Bowl Commercial

Hitting basically TV-viewing demographic tonight, Carmax turned its Super Bowl ad over to the dogs. And a dog driving a Hyundai Sonata. » 2/04/14 1:20pm 2/04/14 1:20pm

Conan O'Brien Perfectly Mocks Bob Dylan's Chrysler 200 Ad

You knew this was coming. Last night on "Conan," O'Brien presented an "extended cut" of Bob Dylan's Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad, with a usual bit of sly commentary that pokes some holes in the "America's Import" balloon. » 2/04/14 9:00am 2/04/14 9:00am

Apparently There Are No Women Engineers At Volkswagen

During the Super Bowl, Volkswagen attempted to convince America that their cars no longer need to be dumped the second they go off warranty by showing all the German engineers who get their wings when those cars hit 100,000 miles. So, uh, where are the ladies? » 2/03/14 12:01pm 2/03/14 12:01pm

Maserati Ghibli Super Bowl Ad Missed One Thing: The Car Is $67,000

The best Super Bowl ads are the surprising ones these days. Not surprisingly bad or the surprisingly long-lasting, but the ones that aren't teased or too buzzy ahead of time, just the ones we least expect. This year, Maserati (of all companies) was so close to hitting the mark perfectly with the Maserati Ghibli it's… » 2/03/14 10:00am 2/03/14 10:00am

Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Is Nice Unless You Need An Elantra To Jump Buses

In Hyundai's second spot for Super Bowl 2014, that less neurotic dude from The Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki looks like a normal guy driving a normal guy's car: a Hyundai Elantra. » 2/02/14 9:25pm 2/02/14 9:25pm

Bruce Willis Hugs Bald Fred Armisen Because Honda Builds Safe Cars

He hugs babies and puppies like he's running for president. Then Fred Armisen falls through the ceiling and Bruce Willis can't help but hug his "stunt double." Because Honda cares. » 2/02/14 9:11pm 2/02/14 9:11pm

Kia's The Matrix Super Bowl Ad Sells A K900 With Morpheus And Two Keys

Kia has a lot to sell with the Kia K900. In their big Super Bowl push, they're telling you there are two choices in buying big luxury cars: the Kia or everything else. Who better to present a choice between two pills cars than Morpheus from The Matrix? » 2/02/14 8:55pm 2/02/14 8:55pm

Beware The Doberhuahua, Audi's New Super Bowl Menace

After some vague, slightly disturbing teasers, Audi has released their 60-second spot for the 2014 Super Bowl. It's called "Doberhuahua," which is kind of misleading. » 2/02/14 8:38pm 2/02/14 8:38pm

Toyota Super Bowl Ad Has Muppets, Hallucinating Terry Crews, Boring Car

Terry Crews has gone from secretly hilarious to just plain old hilarious. The Muppets have always been the best. The Toyota Highlander isn't exciting. And a hallucinating Terry Crews doesn't make it exciting. » 2/02/14 7:55pm 2/02/14 7:55pm

Volkswagen Engineers Sprout Wings And Poop Rainbows In Super Bowl Ad

Ever open up a new Volkswagen and wonder why there are feathers stuck in it? I haven't, but maybe other people have. » 2/02/14 7:40pm 2/02/14 7:40pm

Mystery Chevrolet Super Bowl Ad Is In Support Of Cancer Fighters

Chevrolet's secret Super Bowl ad is a timely one. They've been turning out the tearjerker Silverado ads, but this one honors those battling cancer. » 2/02/14 7:21pm 2/02/14 7:21pm

Hyundai's Super Bowl Ad Is Aimed At Parents With Clumsy Kids

Unlike other automakers paying big bucks to show commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, Hyundai doesn't usually promote flash or celebrities or stuff like that (other than using The Dude's voice). Rather, they promote a car, like the 2015 Hyundai Genesis that's going on sale in a few months. » 2/02/14 7:11pm 2/02/14 7:11pm

Chevy's Super Bowl Ad Is A Thing Between A Man, A Bull And A Truck

Remember those really great ads for the 2014 Corvette and Silverado we thought were going to be Chevrolet's Super Bowl ads this year? They aren't. Chevy is instead going to be promoting at least the 2015 Silverado HD through this 60-second spot. It involves a man. And a bull. And a truck. » 2/02/14 6:53pm 2/02/14 6:53pm

This Epic Maserati Ghibli Commercial Just Won The Super Bowl

Was not expecting that. That's a Maserati Ghibli on a Super Bowl ad. Chrysler made everyone think they were doing an ad for the 200 there and, BOOM, it's a Maserati ad — something as unlikely as a safety on the first play. » 2/02/14 6:46pm 2/02/14 6:46pm