Volkswagen Engineers Sprout Wings And Poop Rainbows In Super Bowl Ad

Ever open up a new Volkswagen and wonder why there are feathers stuck in it? I haven't, but maybe other people have.

VW's latest attempt to sell customers on longevity without actually having new cars to promote in 2014 centers around the idea that the bad experience you had with your high school girlfriend's buggy Jetta are no longer representative of the brand.


In their spot "Wings," a father is proud his new Passat is turning over 100,000 miles and spews this myth that every time a VW hits that mile mark. His daughter is mostly unamused.

But cut to the factory and there are plenty of people in white coats sprouting wings and shooting feathers all over new cars. Don't you think the Germans would hate that kind of disorder?

Although probably not as much as what happens at 200,000 miles.

Also stick around for the subtle penis joke.

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