Lamborghini Party Promoter Tried To Airlift Yacht To Austin's Lady Bird Lake

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Still don't believe the Austin F1 race will be an excessive excessfest of excessiveness? A 24-karat gold clusterfuck of decadence? Here's a small anecdote from Austin's public radio station about a guy trying to airlift a massive yacht into Austin's tiny Lady Bird Lake.

"We're flying in our own celebrity DJ," said Nicholas Frankl, an event promoter who with his sister runsMy Yacht Group. "We have Lamborghini sponsoring the event. We have the most expensive Champagne available in America today, called Comte de Mazeray. It's 24-karat gold-infused Champagne."

Frankl and his sister go around the world from F1 race to F1 race hosting parties for "high net-worth individuals." You know, rich people. Normally, they host them on $50 million yachts, but that's not possible on Lady Bird Lake.
"We did try," Frankl said. "We spoke to the Army Air Corps. They couldn't lift it. But the elements of decadence and luxury and coolness and exclusivity are all there. And we're doing it in a very cool venue, the Ballet Austin venue."

Of course it's for Lamborghini.

We'll do our best to find this party and get smashed on 24-karat gold-infused Champagne. Hopefully, it'll fill the deep hole where our shame used to reside.

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What the hell is gold-infused champagne? Dose it purely exist to be expensive or does gold taste awesome?