A History Of Volkswagen's Handy Dandy Little Coupe

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VW Scirocco Mk1 – Irreplicable, Although VW Keeps TryingCurbside Classic

Scirocco: Awesome since 1974.

Volkswagen has endlessly tried (and still is) to replicate the brilliant success of the gen1 Scirocco. Ironic too, since they can't really take full credit for its existence. Success has many fathers, but VW's paternity is limited to lending its new Golf's genes; a sperm donor of sorts. It took a bit more to actually develop and put the Scirocco into production, some major risk taking on the part of its progenitors. The result was well worth it.


IndyCar: Bourdais bringing new attitude to KVRacer

IndyCar news and notes that matter.

Every racing driver has a reputation of some sorts – the diva, the motivator, the whiner (or worse). And while those tags aren't always fair or accurate, they're hard to shed once they've made the rounds in the paddock.

The Loneliness of Vladimir PutinNew Republic


On December 19, Maria Baronova met me on the steps of the Nikulinsky courthouse, a squat Soviet-era building lost in a construction zone somewhere in Moscow's eternal sprawl. Against the once-white building and dull pewter sky, Baronova was the sole splash of color, her puffy magenta jacket open to the cold afternoon.

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My first car was a 1976 Scirocco. It was so awesome and cost $500. The problem is, you can't capture that magic with a bloated technological tour de force that costs north of $25,000.

Ten year old GTI's cost between 6 and 10 Grand (that's approaching down payment on a starter home territory in most markets). And the boffins wonder why millenials can't be bothered with cars.