Autonomous cars are the future. Connected cars are also the future. The future makes me want to hurl.

Here we have a car that Renault calls the Next Two. It's their vision of what a connected autonomous car can do in the future. That includes parking for you and driving along at a brisk 30 km/h while you read some documents with your coworker.

But it can also read signs. Like a sign for an upcoming concert. And then it'll see if you want to buy tickets for it. And because you have absolutely no reason to pay attention to the road at all, you can do just that, and laugh with your coworker about all the fun you'll have at the Of Monsters And Foster Of Leon concert.


Yes, I know, not everyone is interested in driving like we are. But there's a point when a car starts doing everything and then you lose the skill entirely. And then if something were to fail on the car and you have to step in to work it, you'll have no idea of what to do.


That's where we're heading folks. Into my nightmares.