Like lots of American kids, from the ages of 12-18 the only reason I could think of that PBS should be allowed to survive was that they were the only channel that showed Monty Python in the US. It's hard not to love Monty Python, so I was doubly excited to see a sketch featuring a lovely engine.


The "piston engine" that they've bought while shopping and carted to that park and debate how to properly cook — what is it, exactly? I have a pretty good guess: I think it's an Essex V6.

That would fit the era and location pretty well, and I recognize that high oil filter from my Scimitar. But I could be wrong — I've not yet yanked mine from my car, so I'm not exactly sure what it looks like all naked like that. And mine is caked with decades of grime and delicious, oily gunk.

Anyone have any better ideas? I feel like it's important to know this.

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