Ukrainian Ex-President's Son Had A Car Collection Worth $2 Million

Apart from the usual Eastern European gangster rides such as half of the Mercedes-Benz line, a Bentley Brooklands and a Range Rover Sport, Viktor Yanukovych Jr. also had a taste for American machinery, having bought an International MXT pickup and an armored custom SUV from Canada known as the Conquest Knight XV. All in black of course.


Viktor Yanukovych the Second was also a Member of Parliament but I'm pretty sure his voters did not know about his secret warehouse about twenty miles outside of Kiev.

His collection of a Mercedes-Benz SLS, Brabus and AMG G-Classes, W126 SEC, S-Class, Bentley Brooklands, Range Rover Sport, Volkswagen Phaeton, International MXT and a custom Conquest Knight XV armored luxury SUV from Canada was luckier than this brand new 991 Turbo left on the streets by a fellow MP. Still, Victor and his family can certainly say goodbye to them for good. Don't worry, they didn't leave empty-handed.

While not bad by normal standards, rumor has it that neither the younger or the senior Yanukovych's collection wasn't enough to impress a certain Ramzan Kadyrov.

Hat tip to 444!