'Aaron Rodgers Edition' F-150 Might Be Saddest Dealership Promo Ever

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A Wisconsin Ford dealership's idea to make an "Aaron Rodgers Edition F-150" wasn't bad per se, but their execution was lacking. The metaphors, they write themselves.

While we "Signature Series" vehicles too often these days, I could totally see Wisconsin pickup truck buyers being enticed by association with a Super Bowl-winning Green Bay quarter back. But the glam fades pretty fast on grey paper.


Pro tip to dealerships everywhere: if you want to add Super Bowl MVP-cache to your cars, try a little harder than some stale highligher and a shitty web page.


At present, the ad for this truck features the picture above, a picture of an F-150 interior door panel, a close-up on the numerical combination lock, and two shots of the infotainments screen.

If you want to be one of the "lucky few" to own an Aaron Rodgers F-150, the "internet price" is $46,596. The truck is a 2014 SuperCrew Lariat with a 3.5.