This App Tackles The Important Task Of Getting Supercar Owners Laid

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Marc Ackerley had a problem. He claims women were overcome with lust when they saw him driving around in his Ferrari F430, but they had no way of contacting him for a date or possible bang session in said Ferrari.

I know, I don't believe it either. But the 58-year-old English businessman decided to fix this problem in the most modern way possible: creating an app that helps supercar owners get laid.

That's one part of what the Android and iOS app Platewave does, according to The Daily Mail. The app lets you contact any car owner in the UK via their license plate number, as long as they too have signed up for the app. Once you register, you can send a message or "wave" to another license plate number, and if that person is signed up to they'll receive the message.


Ackerley swears the idea was inspired by women who wanted to get into his pants after seeing his Ferrari, but had no idea who he was:

'I started getting phone calls from my car dealer, asking if I had been out that day in my Ferrari. He told me that he'd had a number of calls from ladies who had spotted me driving my car and wanted to go out for a drink with me.

'And it got me thinking, what were the chances that other people had spotted me but didn't know how to track me down, or didn't think to contact me through my dealer. Or what if I had only been in the area on business, and lived elsewhere. How would they find me?'

Okay, sure. I'm a bit skeptical of this story too, but if it's helping middle-aged British dudes in exotics get lucky like they're back in college, well, good for them.

But I do like the idea of this app because, as Ackerley notes in the story, it has the potential to be a great venue for car owners to meet and stay in touch with one another.


Want to invite someone in a vintage BMW to your local Cars & Coffee? Need to tell that person in the hopped-up Fox Mustang that they should come to a track day sometime? Got the urge to tell another drive how great Jalopnik is and how they should read it all the time? Platewave 'em.

Platewave is only in the UK right now, but I could see it growing to other countries. Maybe it will help car owners make new friends, including ones with benefits.


Hat tip to Dan!

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Doug DeMuro

And here I was, making vinyl decals with my phone number on them.