What You Learn Driving A Corvette Convertible In A Snow Storm

This past weekend, Chevrolet was kind enough to lend us a 2014 Corvette Stingray convertible. Because it was a day that ended in "y" it snowed. Naturally as you might have assumed, your E-I-C and I took it out in the snow with the roof down. For journalistic inquiry, of course.

I didn't drive the car, as I'm an Editorial Fellow and that responsibility was left entirely up to Matt (though I'd me more than happy to drive one if someone would be silly enough to let me), but I still learned many a thing during my time with it.


Here's what I found.

It's Not As Bad As You'd Think

If you're going to take a Corvette Convertible out in the snow, or any drop-top for that matter, you're going to be cold and wet: don't expect otherwise. However, it won't be nearly as cold/wet as you might think. When you're moving the snow tends to rush over the windshield, so you're really only getting wet when you're in traffic or moving slowly. Our tester also had heated seats, so Matt and I weren't exactly roughing it.


People Tend To Look At You Funny

You will get bewildered looks from your fellow motorists because, really, who the hell in their right mind drives a yellow Corvette with the top down in the snow? But who cares! You'll be having way more fun than anyone else on the road. As Matt so eloquently put it, "I guess you could drive a Civic…"


The Corvette Stingray Has Many Gears

Many many gears. Seven, in fact. We never went higher than third and neither will you. You'll want to enjoy the sound of the V8 revving just a bit higher than what reason would dictate. I'll save you a hyperbole laced metaphor and simply say the LT1 V8 sounds ridiculous. Utterly and sublimely ridiculous. The snap, crackles and pops are the overrun are just icing on the cake.


The Corvette Stingray Can Get 29 MPG On The Highway

Good luck getting anywhere near that when you're blasting around the city, though!


Red Hook, Brooklyn Is The Mercedes W123 Capital Of The World

"But that's not about the Corvette!" I know. But it is something I learned during my experience, so there. We counted about 8 in a span of 4 blocks, so if you're looking to steal a 300D, I've found your neighborhood.


If A Salt Truck Drives By, Get The Hell Out Of The Way

Seriously, head for cover if one of these fuckers comes your way. Perhaps the pain of getting pelted by salt made riding in the Corvette seem not so bad and everything I'm telling you is wrong.


Rear Wheel Drive Is Fine In The Snow.

In addition to the Corvette, we had a BMW 435i xDrive this past weekend. Guess which one got stuck. I'm not advocating buying a Corvette over something that is purpose built to tackle the weather, but I will say that how you drive is as important as what you drive.


The Corvette Stingray Will Bring You Joy

What makes the Corvette such a great snow car, in spite of it not being a particularly good snow car, is the smile it will put on your face when you brazenly attempt to tackle winter weather with it. Sure, you will probably be more comfortable in your midsize crossover, but you won't be cackling like a maniac with every gratuitous downshift amplified by the lack of a roof over your head. This car is truly a joyous thing.


(Photo Credit: Matt Hardigree & Josh Petri)

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