Supercars are more likely to burst into flames than your grocery getter no matter how well engineered. Lots of power generating lots of heat in a tight package leaves no room for error. Don't like the idea? You might as well just spend your money on modern art instead!

Most of you know Arnold Odermatt for his amazing crash photography gathered during 40-years of police work. If you would like to learn more about how he managed to grab those shots, read 505TURBEAUX's post on Oppositelock.

But for now, let's focus on his other car-related theme, the Rüchlichter (Backlights) series. It's about melted taillight. One tiny detail about the results of a car fire:

Don't feel too bad. These cars weren't classics at the time. They got crashed and they burned to the ground because they were used. As cars should be.


If you would like to see some of this on your wall or invest in some contemporary are, you should be looking at the Springer Gallery in Berlin.

Hat tip to 505TURBEAUX, image credit: Galerie Springer.