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Yes, The Tesla Model X Will Have Those Crazy Falcon Doors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When the Tesla Model X first showed up in concept form in 2012, I think everyone looked at it and said "Those crazy DeLorean-style doors are neat, but there's no way they'll be on the production car." Turns out everyone was wrong!


Our pals over at Green Car Reports have a ton of Model X-related news on the heels of a lengthy Tesla Q&A session with owners in Norway. The biggest tidbit is probably that the Model X — which is based on the Model S and will come standard with all-wheel drive — will indeed have the folding "falcon doors" that made the concept so notable.

The way these doors work will be pretty interesting, too. Emphasis mine:

The production Model X will definitely have the eye-catching "falcon doors." The double-hinged doors will be equipped with sensors that will adjust the opening sequence to avoid hitting any nearby objects. "If you can fit your Model X between two other cars, the doors will open," said Musk.


Other items of note in the Q&A include a coming all-wheel drive Model S, and that they're still gunning for a price tag of $30,000 to $40,000 for the 3-Series fighting Model E.

Tesla is shooting for a battery cost for the Model E of 30 to 40 percent less per kilowatt-hour than the Model S. This will help Tesla hit its price target of $30,000 to $40,000, competitive with the BMW 3-Series. Part of the cost reduction will presumably come from the huge "giga-factory" Tesla envisions to build Model E batteries.

"Giga factory!" Interesting. I'm glad to hear Tesla went full-on crazy with the Model X doors. Those will go a long way toward making the car more than just a Model S SUV, which would have sold strongly in and of itself.

And by "sold strongly," I mean "there's gonna be riots in the Valley over this thing." Check out more info over at Green Car Reports.