Lotus F1 Apologizes For Tweeting Two Dudes Kissing Before Olympics

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As the world's eyes are trained on the Winter Olympics, Russia has come under a tremendous amount of fire for its treatment of LGBT people. On Friday, everyone's favorite deadbeat F1 team was the latest to say "In your face, Russia" with a tweet supporting the gays. Until they took it down.

The BBC reports that on Friday evening Lotus fired off a tweet wishing all Olympic athletes well with a picture of some hot, beardy man-on-man smooching action. Later, however, they took it down, saying the tweet was "unauthorised," which is how the Brits spell it, don't you know.


The real reason it went down, according to the Beeb, is because it pissed off Lotus F1's owners, the investment group Genii Capital, who have significant business interests in Russia. It also apparently angered their new backer, Russian smartphone maker YotaPhone, who are poised to buy a 10 percent share in the team.

Can't make this stuff up.