Adorable Baby Urges Subaru Hoonage

How bad can gymkhana be, when even a three year old loves it?

You're watching some 'gymkhana training' from a tuned Legacy driver outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Adorable, right?


Here's how it looked from the outside.

And here's the youtube description for the first video.

Emotions my three year old son during a gymkhana training.
Subaru Legacy B4 (BE5) + 5-manual + visco LSD + VF37 turbo + tuned up to 376 HP

Update PS, special 4 haters^^: The action takes place on a special secure closed track, with no other cars ;)

Too cute! Gawker has some more gifs of this, which you should definitely check out for the faces alone.



He's not Jason Torchinsky, but he is Jason Torchinsky's Kazakhstani cousin.