For $27,500, Will This Soft-Top Benz Make Your Firm?

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Celebrity cars carry a certain cachet, with the exception of course of the Chevrolet Celebrity. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mercedes is said to have had none other than Tom Cruise's ass in its driver's seat, and do you think that will make its price worth celebrating?

There wasn't much celebrating going on over yesterday's stealthy, but perhaps too much so, 4G63-powered 1990 Summit. Perhaps the fact that these cars never made much of a dent in the collective consciousness helped to drive its meh reaction, but whatever the reason, it dropped in a 72% Crack pipe loss.


Today's 1993 Mercedes Benz 300CE is not only a better known commodity, but it's literally been seen by millions of people the world round. That's because this drop-top Benz is said to have been one of two used in the film version of the John Grisham novel, The Firm.

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That 1993 flick was directed by Sydney Pollack, and starred noted Scientology advocate and serial weddder Tom Cruise, as well as Gene Hackman and diabetic walrus Wilford Brimley. The movie was a fairly faithful take on the book, but one place where the two diverged was in the protagonist's car. On the page, Mitch McDeere (Cruise) received a black BMW 318i from his new firm as a signing bonus. In the film that was changed to this champagne 300CE, supposedly at the behest of the director.

Say what you will about Tom Cruise's personal life, when it comes to acting he's always been a solid performer, and if you happened to catch the Top Gear where he took the fastest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car lap - effectively taking a huge Stars and Stripes flavored dump on Clarkson's nationalism - you know he's a pretty good driver as well.

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Well, The Firm didn't give many opportunities for behind the wheel heroics, its plot demanding more of the skullduggery and corporate intrigue types of adventures. That means that neither of the hero cars - as such things are called in the biz - ended up much worse for wear from the filming. That is, aside from some dog scuffing on this one, according to the ad apparently due to some method acting. This Benz has but 81K on the clock and the only significant flaw seems to be the missing doors on the visor vanity mirrors, which is hysterical when one considers that the car was once driven by 'movie stars.'


Other issues include some wear on the driver's seat, and on the outside a little wear at the folds of the top and some crazing in the clear coat. How much of this was caused by Cruise's use? Well, that's open to conjecture as the seller intimates the car was given to Cruise after the martini shot, an assertion that is derived from a letter from Mercedes. Whatever the case, it apparently did 16,000 miles before it went from MB to its first (presumably non-celebrity) owner.

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This seller is apparently the second owner, and in the three-plus years he has owned it the car has enjoyed a number of maintenance and cosmetic updates to keep it ready for its close up. The question today is whether or not this car's celebrity provenance is big enough box office to warrant its $27,500 asking price. What do you think, is that a fair price for this movie star car? Or, is that too much even if it came with Tom Cruise in the trunk?

You decide!


eBay, or go here if the ad ends up on the cutting room floor.

H/T to the German Cars For Sale Blog for the hookup!

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As a previous E320 Cabriolet owner I can attest that this asking price is too high for a car with faults. If I were to buy this car is like to see service records that the head gasket was replaced yet or deduct $2k if still on the original gasket.
The original gasket design on the M104 was slightly flawed and it allowed for a coolant leak to develop at or around 100k miles. The updated gasket solves that issue completely.
Secondly, top hydraulics are very very very very very expensive to replace. If you take this drop top to the dealership you're looking at $1500 each for the main lift rams and around $8-900 each for the smaller hydraulic rams. If my memory serves me correct te car has a total of 12 hydraulic actuators. Add in the labor and you are looking at a 5 figure repair bill. I know because I went to a few dealerships and had them pull up the book time.

I was fortunate enough that I've been blessed with a wrench turning hand. I removed and had all of them rebuilt. I just drove around with no interior for 2 weeks and had to use a ratchet strap to lock the bow of the top down.

What else what else. The cosmetic issues alone disqualify it from a top price. I'd say this car should get 12-14k. Mine went for $17k but that was because of the work I put into it.