Are you in the market for a second-gen four-door Chevy Blazer with decent miles, four-wheel-drive and enough cargo room to carry around dismembered body parts? A charity lot in Detroit has just the one for you!

Donna Scrivo made headlines last week when she was arrested for allegedly murdering her 32-year-old mentally ill son, then dismembering his body and scattering his body parts across an area about an hour north of Detroit.

As police โ€” and the media โ€” investigate, however, they discovered that Scrivo donated her Chevy Blazer to Mother Waddles, a Detroit-based car donation program (that actually always has a few gems, by the way) that helps low-income residents and other budget car-seekers find transportation.

WXYZ reports that on the same day that Scrivo reported her son missing, she donated two cars, the Blazer and a Ford Focus, to Mother Waddles with a "rush" order on both of the vehicles.


If true โ€” yuck. I don't know about you guys, but I just couldn't feel comfortable driving a murder victim's vehicle. With used cars, especially ones that can't easily be tracked with something like Carfax, you never know.

Let's say the car was something cooler than a Blazer, though โ€” would you be comfortable with it, knowing the history? Or is it still a no?