Let's Be Practical About Solutions If You Don't Want To Be Tracked

Your car is collecting a lot of information, much of it about you. What's being done with that information isn't exactly clear. That's more unsettling, even if it's great if your car is finally able to recognize your voice when programming the navigation system.


In today's TMS, the question posed was whether you care about automakers collecting data about you and your car, or even if you care where it goes? I think we should care where it goes, but I'm not rushing out to stop them from collecting it. Some of you felt differently.

timateo81, I hope you're not wrapping up your neighbors' cars:


And don't be like The Dummy Gummy:

Thank you for the next idea of bad things to do to my friends car. Last time I filled his car with packing peanuts while he was away on his honeymoon.

I was an extra dick and locked the back doors (where there were less peanuts) so he had to open one of the front doors, only to be greeted by a sea of ever flowing packing peanuts.


The packing peanuts would probably draw more attention to your car, not less.

Photo: Getty Images

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