You May Get Weepy Over Mazda's 25th Birthday Tribute To The Miata

Twenty-five years ago today, Mazda gifted the world with the most important contribution to human progress since fire was invented: the MX-5 Miata. To celebrate this monumental occasion, they launched a new website with a video that will make you feel all the feels.


I can't find a YouTube copy at the moment, but if you click over to Mazda's new Miata 25th anniversary site, you can watch program manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto explain just how much ass was busted to make the original Miata happen back in 1989. They wanted "a car that makes everyone feel joy and happiness," he says, a car that makes life a little bit more worth living and becomes an "irreplaceable partner."

This video tribute really drives home what a labor of love the roadster is for the Mazda people, and what an emotional experience it is for the people who own them, race them, and swear by them.

Next year we should see a new Miata on the road, one that will also result in a new Alfa Romeo roadster. I'm sure it won't disappoint. It never has before.



Ahhhh memories: