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How Many Times Did The Who Drummer Keith Moon Drive A Car Into A Pool?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Keith Moon of The Who was a brilliant drummer but also a man who liked to throw sticks of dynamite into the toilets in hotels or changing rooms. He also managed to total his 1972 Ferrari 246 Dino in less than a month, but this picture was worth it.

The legend of Keith Moon driving a Rolls-Royce into a pool has been around forever, but according to guitarist Pete Townshend, it's pretty much a myth:

Keith Moon driving a Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool is an erroneous conflation of two incidents. In one, he left the handbrake off, and the car rolled into a pool, which was under construction and waterless. In the other, he charged a new car to the band, who refused to foot the bill, so Moon drove into a muddy pond in his garden and called the dealer to pick it up.


The story only gets better with what singer Roger Daltrey had to say:

Moon did not drive a Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool, but he did drive a Chrysler Wimbledon into an ornamental pond.


It's all a bit blurry. What happened to the Ferrari is much cleared though. According to his mechanic and friend Peter 'Dougal' Butler...

Moon and I had the Dino for only four weeks. Then I got a call. Moonie says, 'Dougal, you ain't gonna believe this . . . but, well, there was a couple of bikers outside—nice fellas—and they just wanted to have a go with the Dino. So, I let them. But unfortunately they didn't see the roadworks sign and they put it straight down a fucking ditch! Complete write off!!

Drugs weren't the problem, but the manual:

While driving his sports car at more than 100 miles per hour one day, Keith Moon suddenly shifted into first gear. The rear wheels locked and the car was launched into a series of somersaults before coming to rest just a few feet from a sixty-foot drop. The first person on the scene happened to be a policeman on a bicycle. "Hello Keith," the bobby remarked, surveying the damage." I knew it was you.


To be honest, this is all that mattered:

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