You Can Lose Your License In Florida For Not Taking A Paternity Test

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How Driver's License Suspensions Make Poverty WorseThe Atlantic Cities

There are driving related reasons for having your driver's license revoked, and then there are just absurd reasons. And it's these absurd reasons that can put people in a bind when they have a living to make but no way of getting to work. Someone in Florida wants to change this.

Bouncing a check will cost you your license in 11 states; failing to pay child support will cost you your license in 43 states. Iowa will suspend your license for being drunk in public, Vermont will suspend it for burning trash, Nevada will take it for failing to pay alimony, and Florida will take it for failing to submit to a genetic (read: paternity) test. Montana will suspend your driver's license (and any other state license you have) if you default on your student loans.


The Psychology Behind the Elder Yanukovych's Car Collection – Hooniverse

In car collections, being sentimental explains a lot. That was likely the case here.

The way the everyday and executive Communist cars are displayed shows foresight and an almost museum curator-like obsession with order and aesthetics. It is a nostalgic and patriotic salute to the glorious days of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, when wheat was abundant, the space program kicked ass, and loyalty to the Party earned you a car. These automobiles were not purchased impulsively or haphazardly. This collection was a serious, deliberate, and respectful endeavor.

Uber Cab ConfessionsGQ

For the record, I'm always polite in an Uber. Sometimes unsure of where I'm going, but always polite. You'll be polite too once you read what this guy went through after being an Uber driver for just one week.

Just for the record, I have been waiting in this brat's driveway for fifteen minutes while he (I'm just guessing here) stared at himself in the mirror and (again, just guessing here) debated exactly how many rope bracelets still qualifies as casual. I won't notice the pimp cup he and his friends are sipping from until they get out of the car, which is probably a good thing—I'm a bit of a neat freak, and I've never enjoyed so much as a Nutri-Grain bar inside my car.

Ever seen the SNL bit "The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party"? It's a sketch about these two girls. As I merge into traffic, I begin to understand how my parents must have felt all those years ago chauffeuring around me and my idiot friends. At least I'm getting paid for the privilege.


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For Sweden

For the record, I'm always polite in an Uber.

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