No One's Saying An App In The Airplane Will Give You A Good Chance

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If you meet the love of your life on an app made for airplane hookups, that's fantastic. No really, I commend you. I'll visit your Crate and Barrel registry and buy a $30 vase. Something tells me I'm going to be paying for a lot of vases all of a sudden.

The chance is low, probaly. But it could happen. Maybe, possibly.


HammerheadFistpunch has to break it down, though:

According to a pew study, only 38% have used (not consistently use) dating apps. given that, I would say we could probably say that only about 15% use one regularly and that this app would probably only cover 1% of that traffic (EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC) and that your plane has to have wifi AND be long enough to make a meaningful conversation and that there are thousands of US destinations and planes only hold about 150 people....I would say that the chances of being on the same plane as someone else who is using this app let alone would be interested in meeting you is about as likely as you both dying in a fiery wreck at the hands of godzilla, or the likelyhood that the 2 flight attendant serving your row just happens to be super hot and super into you and horny at the same time right about when the porno music comes on over the PA. Talk about a flight of fancy.


So you're saying there's a chance?


You're nearly as optimistic as the app's developer.

My policy of sleeping on flights isn't going to change. But I am going request sitting further away from the lavatory now.


Honorary COTD to the people who can name all of the 2000s derivative SUVs.