The Maserati 3500GT Is 'Real, Old-Fashioned Car Guy Nuts And Bolts'

Why does Maserati have this exclusive allure and reputation for stunning looks? It's this car, the 3500GT, that started the Maserati we know today. Oh, and it looks and sounds like a good start.

Frank Mandarano owns this 3500GT that was one of five sold in Mexico City in 1960. He bought it in the '70s and liked it so much that he bought up every single spare part in the country. And then he made a business out of spare Maserati parts. Which allowed him to keep buying more 3500GTs.

Smart man. But back to the car, it's gorgeous.

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Rob Emslie

Ooh, nice. My brother in-law/sister in law own a '60 3500GT in sea foam green over mint leather. It's a nicer color than the psychedelic '60s BRG (outside and in!) of their Ghibli, but of course the Ghibli makes nicer noises.

I love those Petrolicious videos.