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This 1974 Dodge D800 Truck Factory Oleynik Race Car Transporter is one of the few relics I've ever seen from the support side of racing to survive outside a museum.

Currently for sale on eBay, it was apparently one of six haulers build by Oleynik Body of Detroit by Chrysler in 1974 and went on to carry cars raced by team drivers Bob Riffle, Gene Dunlop, the Fink Brothers, Arlen Vanke, and Ronnie Sox.


Oleynik doesn't seem to have a website but I found there phone number, and sure enough they're indeed still building transport trucks!

According to the seller, Chrysler held on to the hauler until 1987 when they sold it to a privateer racer.

It's a 181" wheel-base beast with hardwood floors and a sleeper cab. A 413 2-barrel carb'ed engine gasoline is coupled to a 5-speed manual with rear-wheel drive.


This one has been "off the road for ten years," so the next adopter might want to check that wood for rot before loading a race car into the carrier compartment.

Cool chance to own a massive piece of history if you're in the market; there's a little over a day left in the auction as of this moment!


Images: eBay listing

Hat tip to Bring A Trailer!

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