Man Crashes Car, Natural Reaction Is To Book It, Naked

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There are a number of steps immediately after you crash your car. Nowhere on that list, though, is "get completely naked, bust out of the car, and start running down an eight-lane highway." But that's what a guy on Long Island (represent) did this morning. For some reason.

It's not exactly clear how the man ended up crashing into the center median, how he ended up naked, or how he ended up out in public at all, but all three things he did, according to the Great Neck Patch:

According to New York State Police, a man was arrested Thursday morning after he was caught running in the buff down the Long Island Expressway, just east of exit 70.

"One of my units was driving by and saw him running down the highway naked," New York State Trooper Gantt said Thursday.


Just in case we weren't sure exactly who undressed the perp, Trooper Gantt really wanted to emphasize who did the deed:

"He decided to take off his clothes," Gantt said.

Charges are pending against the unnamed perp.

Obviously, as with any breaking news story, we'll be following this one throughout the day with as many updates as humanly possible.

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I never knew that Florida had a Long Island too! *ZING*