So you've watched a couple videos online and now you think you're into rally - is it possible to get into the culture and start racing with next to no budget? Here's what one broke college kid found out.


The college kid is none other than Drive's Ryan Symancek. This is his show 'My Life As A Rallyist' (full playlist here), which has been going on for a few weeks now. The only reason I haven't posted them earlier is I sort of assumed someone else was posting them on Jalopnik and I think everyone else at Jalopnik assumed I was posting them. In actuality, I was searching the Special Stage classifieds for affordable Mazda 323 GTXs to run in rallycross myself.

All that aside, this is the most relevant car show online today - what it takes to start driving in competition, in the most exciting cars in the world, and on the most beautiful roads in the world. Well, that's in episodes three and four. For now, just enjoy this first part and stay tuned through the week as we get caught up with the five episodes out so far.

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