The Spanish cargo ship Luno was heading to port to load up its typical charge of fertilizer this week when it suddenly lost engine power, casting it adrift. It was soon swept into a jetty on the coast of southwestern France, where the relentless pounding of the waves on the ship against the rocks finally took its toll. It's not every day that you see anything that's 300 feet long get completely torn in two.

The 12-man crew was evacuated, according to The Telegraph, before the great rip occurred edit: crazily enough, it turns out the evacuation was still ongoing during the tear, according to the AP. The rescue was hampered by 70-mile an hour winds, but somehow the only injury was a broken nose.

Luckily for them, the environment, and humanity's collective guilt, the ship was mostly empty before it crashed, with just a small amount of fuel oil leaking out.

Seeing the immense force of the waves breaking this ship's back, then smashing it against the jetty like someone breaking a twig over their knee gives you a whole lot of respect for the ocean. Because, holy crap.