This Gentleman Doing Donuts In An Iso Grifo Is Cooler Than You

Just in case you thought you were especially cool today, as I did, watch this video of retired Italian mechanic Luciano Rupolo doing donuts in his Iso Grifo A3C Competizione, and think again. You or I will never be this cool.


Once you've let that sad reality wash over you like snow over New York City, you might enjoy this short documentary from the Italian web magazine Locals Magazine. Rupolo, who owned a workshop with his father, goes through his absurd collection of cars starting with his first car a Gianni 750 Sport "MarDal." That's cool, I guess. My first car was a Volvo V70. He also owns a Ferrari 250 GT/E, the aforementioned Iso Grifo, an Alfa Romeo Giulia 2600, a '63 Corvette Stingray, an original Fiat Cinquecento, and a couple others.

He also owned and restored the oldest Porsche known in existence, a 356 #004, that he was forced to sell. I wouldn't feel too bad for him given the other cars in his collection, and the fact that he's raced in 15 Mille Miglia's and other tracks all over the globe.

If only I could be so cool. In the meantime have an Iso Grifo GIF.



I wanted to jump in and say that isn't a Grifo, but rather a Bizzarrini 5300, only to find they're pretty much the same thing.