What's The Worst Car To Have Sex In?

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If there's one thing people like to do in cars, other than driving or text and eating, it's got to be vigorously humping. Even if it kills them. And with Valentine's Day approaching, there's going to be a lot of car-humping happening. We've given you a full guide, but now we want to know what the worst car for this is?


After giving this a lot of careful, sweaty thought and viewing as many reference videographic guides as I could before everyone started banging on the door and asking what the hell I'm doing in the bathroom with my laptop for so long, and don't I know other people have to use it, too, I think I have my answer: the Campagna T-Rex.


Even using the most advanced methodologies and assuming the sex is happening between two gymnasts of whatever genders get you most excited, the T-Rex is an awful place to bone or scissor or whatever. The seats are just leather pads in a pair of fiberglass bowls, the gearshift is a hard, cruel thing just waiting to attack an unsuspecting orifice, and you can't even just climb out and try it on the hood, because there isn't one, and every other exterior surface is either too curved or so hot it'll flash-cook your tender bits.

What do you good horndogs think is the worst?