Today, we looked at some great automotive pranks from history. But while large companies typically have more resources to pull off hilarious jokes, there's something to be said for the ingenuity of individuals – or the cruelty, if you're on the receiving end of things.


McMike had a prank to share, and I can only think of the roller coaster of embarrassment, laughter and rage I'd go through if it happened to me. Not necessarily in that order, mind you:

Owner goes by several of his friend's homes at night and rolls their car windows down, placing broken pieces of automotive glass all over the seat and the parking space outside the car door.

He waits until they call him in the morning with the sob story about how someone broke in to their car, and that they wanted him to see if he could fix it for them

The owner says, "Sorry man, I'm booked with appointments for the next two days, I can't do it. If you want it fixed before the weekend, you should call (the other company) and have them do it."



I just dont get it, why would he make them call the other company?


So the other company would source the glass, schedule an appointment, send out a tech, and then discover that nothing was broken.

No repair, no charge.

(cue laugh track)

Cue laugh track over someone swearing under his breath while picking pieces of broken glass out of himself.


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