What's The Most Ridiculous Weather-Related Traffic Law?

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So, it's been snowing nonstop across the United States for like three years now and that means police officers nationwide are burdened with clearing up more accidents and other traffic mishaps. But are drivers being stuck with the costs afterward?

In Warren, a suburb north of Detroit, last week, a woman was handed a $90 ticket after her Chevrolet HHR skidded on icy pavement and landed in a snowbank. The state trooper's justification was that the driver was speeding.

About 10 minutes later, a Michigan State trooper arrived, along with a tow truck.

The truck pulled her out of the snow — and the state trooper handed her a ticket for "Violating Basic Speed Law/Too Fast," which carries a $90 fine and two driving points.

"I was shocked," Matthys said. "Getting a ticket was the last thing I expected. The cop wasn't even there. How does he know I was driving too fast? I was going along with the rest of the traffic. I just happened to hit a slippery patch and ended up in a snowbank."


All driving dynamics aside, this can't be the only instance where someone has gotten a ticket in adverse weather. Have you ever been cited in terrible weather? Or is there a law on your municipality's books that's tied to weather conditions beyond human control? Tell us below.