Oh No, I Pissed Off Terry Crews, Am I Going To Die?

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I'd never been so scared after checking my Kinja notifications as when I saw "Terry Crews replied to you" in my dropdown menu. Turns out, the real Terry Crews indeed read my post about his Toyota Highlander/Chrysler Town & Country debacle. Am I going to die?


We have a lot of celebrity readers here but few take the time out to respond to us. After I pointed out the awkwardness of Crews pitching a Toyota but actually driving a Chrysler, here's what he wrote:

Hi! Terry Crews here, and I'd love to respond to this article. For years I've expressed my love for my minivan and I've owned one since 2003. They even added this fact to my character Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

What most people don't know — and it would be safe to assume the writers of this article didn't, although I find it hard to believe someone in the business of publishing info wouldn't— is that most magazine articles are done months in advance. I did this interview in October of last year— well, before any deal was made to star with the muppets in an awesome Super Bowl commercial. Yet another Sam Rubin style gaffe in the media universe. I love my new 2014 Toyota Highlander MUCH MORE than the old T&C. Next time you guys want to know the terms of my contract, just call me! I will tell you personally that it's none of your business.

No worries, Terry — we wouldn't pry that much!

When I first saw this post I almost didn't believe it was the real Terry Crews because you can't read this without hearing it perfectly in his voice but, alas, we confirmed with Terry's people (via Toyota) that this is indeed the real Terry Crews.

But the best thing to come out of this, of course, is that we now know Terry Crews reads Jalopnik. So if you have any Terry Crews questions maybe you should ask them in the comments and maybe he'll answer. Who knows?

Also, if I'm found tied up like a pretzel hanging from the flag pole at Ford Field you know what happened.


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