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Toyota Highlander Pitchman Terry Crews Prefers Chrysler Minivans

Illustration for article titled Toyota Highlander Pitchman Terry Crews Prefers Chrysler Minivans

Here we have a lovely Battle of the Beige: Toyota Highlander vs. Chrysler Town & Country. If you need the versatility, you'd probably go with the T&C. But if you're being paid to advertise the Highlander, you probably shouldn't go with the T&C.


It wasn't so long ago we saw the hilarious Terry Crews in a Super Bowl ad (not to be confused with any other black guys doing Super Bowl ads this year) for the Toyota Highlander with almost all of the Muppets. It was a quirky ad designed to spur interest in an otherwise average crossover.


If Crews got a check from Toyota, that's probably all he got. I would have asked for something else in the Toyota family, like an FR-S or something, but that's just me. Crews isn't waking up each morning to a brand-new Highlander in his garage, but rather his trusty Chrysler Town & Country, something he describes as his "happy place" in the latest issue of a magazine you don't read:

"Once at a gas station, a kid asked me if I was Terry Crews. Then he saw me get in the van and shouted, 'Never mind, Terry Crews would never drive that!" People can hate, but I don't care — I press a button, the doors swing back, I throw in the groceries, and I'm rollin'."

Guess Crews' contract with Toyota didn't include a "don't talk about the competition" clause. But truthfully if we had to choose between the Highlander and the T&C, we'd go with the T&C, too.

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Terry Crews

Hi! Terry Crews here, and I'd love to respond to this article. For years I've expressed my love for my minivan and I've owned one since 2003. They even added this fact to my character Terry Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
What most people don't know — and it would be safe to assume the writers of this article didn't, although I find it hard to believe someone in the business of publishing info wouldn't— is that most magazine articles are done months in advance. I did this interview in October of last year— well, before any deal was made to star with the muppets in an awesome Super Bowl commercial. Yet another Sam Rubin style gaffe in the media universe. I love my new 2014 Toyota Highlander MUCH MORE than the old T&C. Next time you guys want to know the terms of my contract, just call me! I will tell you personally that it's none of your business.