Toyota Super Bowl Ad Has Muppets, Hallucinating Terry Crews, Boring Car

Terry Crews has gone from secretly hilarious to just plain old hilarious. The Muppets have always been the best. The Toyota Highlander isn't exciting. And a hallucinating Terry Crews doesn't make it exciting.

Toyota picked a great cast for the ad, and most everyone is a sucker for The Muppets whether they're shilling for Toyota or disposable enemas. Terry Crews has gone from tough guy to comedy jokester in Old Spice ads as well as the latest season of Arrested Development.


So they have the recipe for something exciting and funny, and they then pair it with the most boring car in the world. This is a car that was at the Detroit Auto Show, and we actually had to look at the plaque to know what it was.

So, characters in the car, no character in the car itself.

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