Routine Road Rage Leads To Absolutely Insane Shootout In Russia

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A casual, innocent, totally-not-heated at all disagreement between two grown men, in Russia (sarcasm, no such thing exists), devolved into a completely nuts Wild West-style shootout, because Russia. And somehow, nobody got shot. Jesus Christ.

The only thing more amazing than the lack of injuries, though, may just be the reaction of everybody else just sort of standing around. That one guy in the black jacket apparently even thinks this is all a bit hilarious. Maybe he just thought of a good joke, or something.

Over 30 shots were fired by my count, which seems a bit excessive when you consider that it was all caused by somebody getting cut off by a Volvo, according to Russia's LifeNews. The people inside the offended BMW X5 hopped out and just started shooting, as is what is possibly a normal reaction to minor traffic etiquette violations in that part of the world.

Somehow the only injury received was somebody hitting their eyebrow on something, although it's not really clear as my Russian is a bit rusty.

Because nobody actually got shot, after all the ruckus blew over everyone just sort of drove away, which means that police are still looking for the original shooters in the BMW.

If you do know the original shooters, and you would like to report them to the police, please do so anonymously. And then run for your life. They've got guns, but if you get anything more than three feet away they probably won't be able to hit you.